The 1st International Exhibition of Art and Business

The premier art fair for art and business is a one-of-a-kind exhibition that combines art and b2b sessions. The exhibition is an international platform for artists to display their artworks and an opportunity for those interested in the arts and related businesses to meet and exchange expertise and common interests. It is also an opportunity for artists to communicate with business owners and gain experiences that will help them transform their creativity into businesses and future job opportunities.

digital art

With the technological development that the world is currently witnessing, technology has penetrated many fields, or in other words, all fields. Today, we are witnessing a major transformation in the ways of practicing arts, and one of the most recent of these transformations is digital art, which is the art that uses technology for expression. The digital art exhibition is the focus of the first edition of the International Exhibition of Art and Business, and international and local artists from the UAE, the Gulf countries and the world will participate in this exhibition.

What is digital art

Art historians often classify digital art as a mixture of object-oriented artworks and hands-on visuals. In the first scenario, digital technologies are considered a means to an end, and serve as a tool for creating traditional objects such as paintings, photos, prints, and sculptures. In the second case, technology embodies the desired goal, as artists discover the potential of this technology

The international club for creative industries is an integrated platform for creative minds and entrepreneurs to develop their ideas and transformthem into successful business. The ICIC facilitate a suitable environment for its members to work on their ideas, negotiate possible implementation and develop successful business plans using a scientific methods in ICIC business incubator. ICIC also initiate B2B sessions, conferences, forums and specialized exhibitions in addition to the in-house idea lab.

The event: this event is going to gather international artists and business men and women as well as those who are interested in art and culture in general. it will be a great opportunity for all interested individuals to exchange ideas and expertise. The event will shed the light on entrepreneurial mindsets and allow them significant exposure to the business world.

Art and Business: Art and business can achieve competitive edge if practiced in a parallel manner. Each domain has its own impact in life and both could be utilized to support the other. This can be achieved by recruiting Art for Business purposes and employ business skills to turn art into successful business.

The competition: The exhibition will consist of an Art competition where the best Artwork will be selected. Certified judges will select 3 of the participating artworks to receive 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

competition criteria:

  1. Authenticity
  2. Rules of the competition apply
  3. It must be a participating work in the exhibition


Aslam Noor

 is Multidisciplinary Creative Professional, and a Painter of international repute widely known as Art Noor.

He arrived in UAE in the year 2002, on a sabbatical from a successful career in advertising and decided it to leave it behind for a passion for painting.

After struggling to learn the craft for two years, and many group exhibitions under the auspices of Sharjah Art Foundation, his first solo art exhibition was organised by Directorate of Art, Sharjah. It was on the subject “Asma Ul Husna”, the Arabic term for 99 beautiful Names of Allah. 

He has stayed on course with the focus on the same subject for almost two decades. His  a portfolio includes more than a thousand works, exhibited in a dozen solo exhibitions on the subject till date. Noor’s exhibitions are held on a grand scale at high profile venues like World Trade Centre, Abu Dhabi, WTC

Dahna Salem bin Haryol

Ambassador of Peace and Member of International Tolerance

A plastic artist with several exhibitions in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iraq, Turkey and Morocco

She has paintings about good and evil, paintings in the era of Corona, paintings about nature and expressive drawing, and she is very much driven to the school of impressionism.

Her goal in art is to express the beauty of things in life and to adopt and express the idea.

Fatima Alhammadi

fine art- Calligraphy Graffiti artist Fatima Alhammadi – UAE Artist
In 1994, she graduated from UAE University. Bachelor of Art Education. She has 23 years
of experience in Fine Arts. Recently, she
started with the art of calligraphy and combined it with the Fine Arts.
Fatima Al Hammadi works in the field of visual arts curricula at the Ministry of Education Fatima participated in more than 30 national exhibitions, along with international ones in London , Berlin and Sirilanka .
She is also the leader of UAE Graffiti artists, which is the first local graffiti group.
She participated in several art projects that entered Guinness World Records such as the longest graffiti wall in Dubai in 2014 and the longest Glow in The Dark Graffiti wall in 2016. As well as a new world record for the largest stencil


Lulwa  Ammar

Grade 12 student. She likes chemical engineering and Digital Art. This is her first participation in an exhibition. She likes to paint nature and characters

Reem Abdullah Al Subai

Artist peace ambassador and a member in the world tolerance. Participated with a peace artwork during the Papa Vatican visit to the UAE. Participated in several exhibitions in the UAE, KSA, Morocco, Turkey, UK, Denmark and Iraq. Painted Queen Elizabeth and she gifted the painting to the queen when she was studying in the UK and the queen thanked her in an official letter. The painting and the letter were both displayed at the queen Elizabeth the 2nd ship in Dubai. She painted several works to promote piece and tolerance and she’s aiming for an art movement that promote piece and tolerance.

Faris Al Hamadi

Artist, public relations graduate, accredited trainer in art. Faris participated in several exhibitions both inside and outside the country including Abu Dhabi Adihex and Al Salam exhibition in Geneva.

Amany Hamza

Portrait Artis and, landscape architect. Studied in Malaysia and became driven by the green landscape and nature. This love of nature influenced her painting. She likes to mix green nature with characters that has influenced her. She participated in this exhibition with her green nature collection. She aims to highlight the importance of caring for nature throughout her paintings.

Khawla Ahmed

Yemeni artist living in Dubai. She started her journey at the age of 10. She considers the year 2017 as her real starting point . She started with pencil and charcoal, then she introduced color to her drawings. This is her first attempt with the digital art.

Alia Al Shamsi

Digital artist

Computer engineering diploma  and business administration graduate started her journey with the digital art in 2014. She is more specialized in portrait and details. She participated in several exhibitions including Abu Dhabi Adihex 2018 and 2019, Fujairah Art Exhibition. She started training in the field of digital art in 2021.

Dr. Mohammad Lataifeh

Awarded a transdisciplinary Ph.D. in Design and Information Technology from the Institute of Creative Technologies in De Montfort University -UK in 2015. Lataifeh finds refuge in his digital art and private poetry, though he was trained in fine art from mud to pixels, his journey has evolved since 1995 from plastic art, pottery and photography into graphics, web, and digital multimedia. Lataifeh is a leading expertise in design thinking, design methods, interactions, and user experience for emerging systems deployed in real, virtual, and extended realities.

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